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In this country there are many educational options available to us all. With these options in mind, we landed on homeschooling for our family twelve years ago.

Do I think everyone should homeschool? No.

Do I think I am a better mom because I homeschool my kids? Seriously, that’s a ridiculous notion, of course not.

In the past month alone, I have had three moms contact me to chat about the possibility of homeschooling as well. I thought if that many have asked lil’ old me, there are probably a few more who have the same questions.

All of those sweet moms were hesitant they had the skills or know how to school their kids. They all had the same general questions too. So grab a comfy spot and let’s chat heart to heart shall we.

I had the same thoughts, feelings, and emotions when I started all those years ago. It’s good to ask questions, gather information, and look at resources available. Over the years, I have asked more questions, discovered my favorite people to gather information from, and purchased my all time favorite resources along the way.

Here are a few of my thoughts on who should consider homeschooling:

*Do you want to give your child a customized educational experience?

*Does your child seem very gifted, or does he need to go at a slower pace?

*Does your child learn best in a hands on and engaging environment?

*Does your child like to dive deep into subjects for extended periods of time?

I could keep going, but these are all good indicators that a homeschool setting may be the best choice for a child. I have four kids and all of them have a different learning style and the pace they learn differs.

Customizing not only their curriculum, their learning environment, and their pace addresses all the above questions, plus other situations not mentioned. Answering yes to the above questions, and considering homeschool still opens up yet a whole new set of questions.

*Am I smart enough to school my child?

*What if I decide to put my child in school at some point, how do I make sure they aren’t behind?

*What curriculum should I choose? Where do I buy it?

The good news about all these questions is….your asking them! Being intentional about whatever schooling option you choose is really the key. Setting up your child up to understand the importance of lifelong learning is a must so they launch into the next phase of life successfully.

A child who is motivated, curious, has integrity, and a solid work ethic is unstoppable! 

That’s why I get so excited when another family chooses to invest so heavily into the idea of schooling their own child. You CAN do it!!

I will not tell you it will be easy. I will not tell you that some days you will wonder what gave you the idea you needed one more thing to do as a mom. I will not tell you that constant 24/7 time with each other is always dreamy. I wouldn’t lie to you….

I WILL TELL YOU…… The flexibility that homeschooling provides my own family is priceless. This is true for education, our lifestyle quality, etc.

I WILL TELL YOU…… I need time away from all our togetherness. I am a better wife, mom , and teacher when I refuel and regroup. That’s normal and that’s okay.

I WILL TELL YOU…… I am thankful for the relationships I have with my kids, and the influence I have been able to have in their life. I am thankful that I have been able to work one on one with each of them daily. This extra time with them has ensured that I am making the best educational decisions for each of them (with their input) and meeting them each year right where they are.

I WILL TELL YOU….. I have walked through seasons of being overwhelmed and felt pulled in too many directions at the same time. I have paused and thought, am I cheating my kids out of something by choosing this route. I have had days when I want to tell my kids “Walk to the end of drive, when you see a big yellow bus, start waving your hands around, when she stops….. GET ON!!!”

I WILL TELL YOU…… Knowing what I know now twelve years in, I would do it all over again. OKAY, maybe not ALL of it. I would not beat myself up so much, when something didn’t go as planned. I would give myself more grace. Relax more. I would be less anxious about “messing things up”. I would feel less pressure when people think it is acceptable to start quizzing my kids….

I hope you feel more encouraged by this point in our little one-sided chat session. Encouraged that your not alone, or wrong, or crazy to even consider this educational option. Inspired that if this imperfect mom of four can school her kids, maybe you can too. Challenged to keep researching and talking to others around you that homeschool. Comforted to know their is no one way to school. There are many. Even within those choices are more choices.

To help you in your quest for more information I have a few resources that simply are a staples on my own bookshelf.

ABC’s of Homeschooling– this book is a great launch pad for taking a peak into why other families choose to homeschool. Everyone had their own reason, sometime more than one reason. Quick easy enjoyable read. (My favorite book to loan out)

Teaching From Rest- I read this book during my tenth year of homeschooling… HOLY SMOKES……. Game changer! I had so many light bulb moments while reading this small little book I couldn’t even believe it. I will tell you that despite my not being a re-reader of books, this one gets read each year as inspiration, as motivation, and finally as confirmation that I am right where God wants me.          The author of this book, Sarah, also has a podcast called Read Aloud Revival! GOLD…I love her content and what she represents.

8 Great Smarts– This is a small book with a big impact. I have read plenty of books on personalities, ways kids learn, etc. This book was better than all the others, hands down. No matter the ages of your kids, this book will enlighten you and arm you with the tools to help you get the BEST out of child.

Do you feel better equipped to forge ahead with the possibility of homeschooling? I sure hope so! Even if you decide it’s not for your family….that’s ok. The point is you explored an option. Someday maybe it will need to be an option for your family. Maybe what you learned can help someone else who needs to make a different choice.

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