Brutally Honest Stitch Fix Review…

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Have you heard the buzz on Social Media about Stitch Fix? Curious what it’s all about? Let’s chat and I will give the skinny and my brutally honest opinion…..and why Stitch Fix may or may not be for you. To preface this post, let me tell you a couple things about myself. I am a bargain shopper to the core. I rarely buy items not on sale or super bargain (I could count them on one hand for the past five year). I love to shop and put looks together. Armed with that info about me… on.

The first thing you need to know, in case you have been under a rock (that’s usually how I roll), Stitch Fix is a subscription based service. You can choose various options for how often you wish to receive your “present” from the mailman.

I have received two Stitch Fix boxes so far. One box was a hit. One was a miss. Hit box contained all items that I adored. Miss box was only that because she sent me several items that were identical in color and texture to items already in closet. (Not her fault, but I only kept one thing because of that.)

My first box was like Christmas in a box! My favorite thing is the styling cards you get with each arrival. The cards highlight two ways you can wear the items in your box. Think of it as a way to get your styling juices flowing. For those of you who don’t think you have any styling sense….THIS WILL BE LIFE CHANGING for you!

Second. STITCH FIX provides are personal stylist who is picking out and coordinating each box. JUST-For-Me, not for the masses, me! When I registered through a link (like I am providing for you) I filled out a detailed profile so my stylist knew just what send me. I also think it’s great that you can link up your style board Pinterest account as well, this gives her even more information so she can learn about me.

Third. I love that I can give a detailed report on each item the stylist sends me. Good, Bad, and the Ugly input. I say the more detailed info you provide the better. I  can request certain items I want in my next box. So if your going on vacation and you want mainly tops and shorts in your box….TELL HER!

Fourth. I think STITCH FIX makes this whole process UBER EASY peasy for members. Whatever you don’t want, you send back in a pre-paid (FREE to you) envelope. Just drop it off at the post office.                                                             The process is this easy: Sign up. Get Box. Get online. Tell them what items your keeping/Returning/Exchanging. Give Feedback. Pay. Drop off pre-paid envelope at post office. Boom..done!

Fifth. This is the best gift idea!! For Christmas I got both my mom and mother-in- law a box with a gift card. They both really loved their boxes and kept several items out of their boxes. They also both decided to continue getting boxes every two months.

Here is my short list of Con’s: 

For some, the items may seem pricey. If you are a “I will only pay Goodwill prices for any clothing items ever” Stitch Fix will not be for you. The average cost per item is around $55. In my mind this isn’t such a big deal. My view: Items I get from Stitch Fix are staple items in my closet. Special items you plan to keep around. Not trendy things you want to donate in six months or a year. Classic, stay in my closet forever items.

Yep that’s it. One Con……and honestly even for me that’s not really a con, just a heads up. If you are a gal (or a man…they have men’s box too!) who hates to shop, don’t feel like you know how to put together the looks you like, don’t have the time to shop and put together said looks…..YOU NEED Stitch Fix in your life!

If you use the link, you can get your first box TOTALLY FREE (no $20 styling fee, per normal.) FYI: After your first box, $20 is charged to you when your box ships…If you keep even one item out of the box…that $20 is now a credit toward that item. Short story: Item $55-$20=$35 you pay for the item….Make sense?

Wait no longer….get your own totally no obligation box FREE….then decide if you love it as much as I do. It’s a REAL mom treat for me!

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