Chronic Fatigue Nearly Killed Me: Part Three


Then it happened. A lump. I had never felt a lump in my breast before. My first thought…no, not one more thing.

If you missed Part One go here…….. Then read Part Two here….. Here is Part 3.

I already had plenty on my plate for healing my body from all the food sensitivities. My ridiculously hard food plan, my absolute off the chart exhaustion, trying to continue homeschooling my four kids, and just daily life in general.

I was unsure where to start, so I called and scheduled an appointment with my OB-Gyn. She examined me and felt the lump as well, she recommended I go immediately for a mammogram. Since I tend to lean naturally when approaching my health, that was a big red flag for me. I did not get a mammogram…. I am certainly NOT making a recommendation to anyone else on what to do, but here is why I did not go that route.

I was 37, breast density in women in their 30’s is typically too dense to get an accurate mammogram. The radiation I would be exposed to. Yes, I realize it’s low, and considered “safe” by most practicing doctors, but again not the best protocol for me in my 30’s.  You would not believe how many phone calls I had to make and tongue lashings I had to endure from nurses and tech personnel. I was requesting an ultrasound…..not a mammogram to help further investigate this lump I felt.

WARNING RANT AHEAD: In a society that touts “women’s rights”, “my body, my decision” garbage everywhere you turn…….Where were my rights? I was simply asking for an ultrasound….Simply making that request had people foaming at the mouth…and prompted lectures a plenty about how a mammogram was needed first. Did I mention I was willing to pay cash if our insurance wouldn’t cover it. I wasn’t asking anyone to foot the bill. Yet if I walk into a place and want to kill A HUMAN baby…no questions asked…..done. THAT IS MESSED UP is so many ways……

After seeing the NP at my OB-Gyn office I instead turned to my own research, and friends who had encountered similar symptoms. Instead, I had a Thermograph done. In short, a thermograph is a thermal reading of your body temperature in whatever desired area. The thermograph can pick up possible cancer growths 8-10 years BEFORE a mammogram will even show it!! Reason being…..a “hot spot” can indicate inflammation…chronic inflammation can lead to cancer and possibly other chronic diseases.

My first thermograph ($149, not covered by insurance) showed lumps in both breasts. Also with the results I was provided a risk evaluation, and I was in the top tier to watch these spots, and be re-evaluated. The first time a thermograph is done you have another reading done in three months. This protocol establishes a baseline for future reading and comparisons.

Also while researching my options, I decided to go to non-traditional type of doctor (also not covered by insurance) that uses herbs, exercise, and diet to detoxify the body and get rid of cancer cells. I know it sounds all hocus-pocus and all, but I did my research on him and had several first hand stories of people doing this kind of protocol and being cancer free as a result. I had to wait almost two months to see him because he literally has people all over the US come to his office.

More research, more talking with others around me, more waiting. In talking to a friend she recommended I talk with a gal she knew who had walked my same path a year earlier. We shared the same approach to health and wellness. I’m so GLAD I DID! Her husband works on mammography machines (has for over 30 years) and said he didn’t let his wife get one either…and reinforced the same things I found while researching my options. My husband and I talk with them over two hours as they poured into us a hope, a calmness, and the message of take your time.

THIS IS SO IMPORTANT!!!! When the traditional medical staff is shoving things down your throat….making you feel like you don’t have time to research, or you don’t have any other options……FEAR mongering. It’s so unkind, unneeded, and a total LIE! (Sorry, not sorry, another rant just snuck up on me.)

The sweet gal and her husband had purchased a Rife Machine when she was going her breast ordeal. (If you have never heard of Royal Rife, google him, fascinating guy, a sad ending.) I tested right away on this machine and it marked me with almost thirty hits directly relating to breast cancer. (I had NINE total pages of markers)

I started using the machine custom made program just for me several time a week while I continued to wait on my appt. with my non-traditional doctor. When my appointment day finally came, he added in over $1,000 (not covered by insurance) in herbs.

At this point my daily regimen was all consuming…time, physically, and emotionally. I had an 8.5 X 11 sheet of paper that listed what herbs needed taken and how often….I was taking about forty pills a day. I’m not complaining….but I also not a pill taker. I did it anyway.

I was still exhausted from Rife treatments, and my body waging a war that was unseen by human eyes, but felt by me everyday. I knew these kinds of “treatments” were some of my only options. Chemo would have killed me instantly. My body was already in freak out mode. I couldn’t even eat (some) healthy foods without my body attacking itself. My immune system was already nil. Killing it even more, no thank you.

I might also mention I had bloodwork done. Crazy Low Vit. D levels, low zinc, low iron, plus my breast cancer marker test was “within normal” but on the high side of normal. So with the bloodwork, the Rife testing, and the thermograph all pointing to cancer, I felt okay about spending the $1,000+ a month on supplements and such to fight it. The only way of truly knowing if it was cancer, is to have that mammogram, then have a biopsy. Those options were a BIG FAT NO for me because I wasn’t interested in pursuing chemo, surgery, or radiation. (DISCLAIMER; I am not saying anyone who chooses these options is wrong…NO, NO, NO, don’t misunderstand me. They are just not options for me and my approach to my health.)

The only thing throwing a wrench in things was that my ultrasound came back with cysts as the reason for my lumps. We were stuck with several non-traditional findings saying yes it was cancer and then a traditional ultrasounds saying cysts.

I went back in three months (March) and had my second thermograph done and still they “hot spots” were there. The left breast was TOTALLY clear! Yeah!! No change in size, or pattern for right breast. At this point, I had only been doing all the herbs, Rife, etc for a few weeks. I figured it hadn’t been enough time to allow for total healing (or time for the cysts to dissolve) to take place in both breast. The next thermograph would be done in SIX months….September.

Six months of prayer. Six months of an intense time of wondering if I was making the right choices. I felt an insane amount of peace every step along the way. I didn’t know what the outcome would be, but either way I was CONFIDENT I would win. God would either heal me…win! OR……..God would not choose to heal me, and I would live out eternity with Him….still a WIN!! No, I wasn’t thrilled with the thought of leaving 4 kids and a husband I adore behind, but I have learned enough to TRUST God. I had an unshakable peace and calmness. I knew this peace was all God’s doing, because calm is not my go-to emotion. I wish it was. Normal routine would go something like this: FREAK OUT, worry, ring my hands, worry some more, try to “fix it”, pray. Not only have I been on a physical detour of sorts, but more importantly I have bene on a spiritual transformation. A sanctification walk that was not in my neatly organized pretty planner.

While at the last doctor he mentioned a couple things to me. Have you ever had a root canal? Do you have Mercury based cavity fillings? Did you have your wisdom teeth removed? Unfortunately I replied YES to all the above. He asked me with tooth I had had the root canal and how long ago. I had no answers for either one of those questions. He then mentioned I should look into going to a non-traditional dentist and have those fillings switched and that root canal tooth removed. He quickly moved onto the next topic and we didn’t talk about this “rabbit trail” an further.

So again while waiting my SIX more months I made a few phone calls. I had my root canal on tooth #4 in May 2014. I would learn later that is was in less than 60 days that this tooth would have infection in it. SILENT infection, that I would have no clue that was brewing. My immune system at that point couldn’t handle anymore and that’s when the itching started. I would also later learn from this non-traditional dentist (again, not covered by insurance) that I also has SILENT infection in ALL FOUR of the pockets where my wisdom teeth had been take out twenty years ago…cue chronic infection.

Can you see the puzzle pieces starting to come together a little bit? It gets even crazier…..the #4 tooth (on my right side) is on the breast meridian. The right breast had the spot on the thermograph that was most concerning. Did you also know there was a study done by a done in Sweden that 98% of his patients with breast cancer ALSO had previously had a root canal done on a tooth in the breast meridian. WHY is that research, amongst many other studies I learned about, not everyday public knowledge.

Armed with this knowledge I decided to have a thermograph done of just my mouth to confirm or deny infection in my mouth. I also had a phone consult with an experienced veteran at dealing with how chronic infection in the mouth affects breast health. The thermograph indeed confirmed all those suspicions (based on the studies like the doctor in Sweden) I had infections in 6 different locations.

In May I had my root canal tooth removed, and started having fillings removed and switched porcelain fillings. I had to go slowly with switching the fillings out, because as a result of my immune system being shot and chronic infection having a field day, the heavy metals from the fillings was now streaming through my body.

THIS MIGHT HAVE BEEN THE HEALING PART of my journey so far! Within just weeks of having all the infection removed I LITERALLY felt like a new person!!!!! Was I 100% better, NO, but I felt like I had all kinds of energy that I hadn’t know for many years.

September came and I had my follow up thermograph done. The results were not what I expected. Growth with the tumor like mass, and now it had developed “legs”. Wait a minute there Mr. Thermograph reader…..I did everything like I was suppose to. I spent thousands of dollars and took those herbs, used those essential oils, ate only food that was anti-inflammatory, got extra sleep, used the Rife machine, did detox foot baths a couple times a week, had infection removed, fillings taken out….ALL OF IT. This can’t be right. ALSO, if that was only a cysts per ultrasound readings….cysts don’t develop “legs” that’s what cancer does. Despite wanting to throw an absolute tantrum, I got on the phone to see if I cold get someone do an MRI to further investigate.

THANKFULLY I was able to get an MRI, with only minimal eyebrow raising and teeth gnashing. The results came back as benign cysts. The shape was too inform to be cancerous I was told. So while I did feel a sense relief, I am skeptical, wouldn’t’ you be?

A couple things about that don’t make sense to me. Cysts don’t radiate heat like a cancer mass does. It is a different temperature and the chart on the readings show that difference on the thermograph. The whole, “it has legs” things doesn’t make sense for a cyst either. Also, at what point does a mass that is uniform in shape go rogue and grow in an ununiformed way? I don’t have those answers….I haven’t found anyone who does have those answers for me.

For now, I wait again. I plan to go and have another follow up thermograph in April. Partly because I want to keep tabs on it myself, and partly because I was counseled by another women who had routine mammograms and was told she just had cysts. This year that “cyst” was diagnosed as cancer.

I share my story because it’s my story to tell. I feel led to say be your own advocate. Don’t rush. Do research. Look at the healing record of the current methods being used. Don’t be so driven by fear that you don’t take time to consult others who have been down this path. I talked to LOTS of women. Women who went the convention route, and those who didn’t. The women I talked to gave me valuable information, warnings, hope, encouragement, input on their own stories, book suggestions, and I could go on.

I still don’t know how my health journey will play out. I am still detoxing, and healing one day at a time. I do know how the story ends though. I WIN! No matter where the journey takes me and what detours I have to go around….I WIN.

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