Chronic Fatigue Nearly Killed Me: Part Two

I shared the beginning of my come to Jesus moment of dealing with the decline in my health in Part One here. Now that I had a whole new outlook on the way my food was affecting me, I was all in on following the restrictions to the exact letter. Number one, it’s easy to follow something that immediately starts to make you feel better.  Reason number two, I am a all or nothing kinda gal thanks to my Type A perfectionist personality. While in this case, that personality is a good thing, I will have plenty of “good material” on why my personality type is a bad thing.

At this point, I attended a new patient seminar, in order to get on a waiting list for an integrative medicine doctor. Integrative medicine focuses on whole body health. They try to find the root cause of symptoms and not just cover them up. I was told the wait was 4-6 months. After many phones calls, and more follow up calls, I finally got an appt almost 8 months later. At this point I think they were tired of me calling…this was yet another hard time of waiting. Along the journey I am again forced to be my own self advocate. The doctor ran salvia test (adrenal testing), stool tests (parasites), celiac test, lots of blood work check all sort of levels. The results showed, a decent level of good bacteria, but I needed more diversity in the good bacteria. My cortisol levels we off the chart high at all times of the day. This indicating that my body was in constant “flight mode”, and this helped to explain my constant exhaustion. My body was never resting. No Bueno!

Letting that fact sink in was a relief, yet frustrating to hear. I cried when she told me. I ugly cried. It was an affirmation that I wasn’t crazy, I wasn’t making excuses, or making up these symptoms that sounded bizarre and made no rational sense since I appeared heathy looking. It was the same sense of relief I had after my food sensitivity testing. My constant inflammation, belly bloating, and headaches now had a name.  Also a relief in the sense, that I could stop feeding myself all the negative messages I was feeling about being lazy. I knew in my head this wasn’t truth but the thoughts would creep in anyway. When you don’t feel good (chronically) you start to think maybe those negative thoughts have some truth. You start to think maybe your just crazy and making things up. It’s not a fun place to live physically or mentally.

It was frustrating because the doctor told me this would be a long road to healing my gut and moving on into our areas of my body that were not functioning correctly. “Think 12-18 months before we can even talk maintainer mode”, the doctor said. Well, if most people do in 12-18 months, I was thinking I would do it nine months tops. It sounds ridiculous and certainly naïve as I type it out, but it was honestly how I thought it would all play out. Little did I know, this leg of the journey would not only take longer, but it would be just the beginning of my path to wellness.                     To be continued…

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