Daily Bible Reading Plan

One core focus I have for our family this year is to follow a daily bible reading plan. The goal is to read the entire bible by the end of this calendar year. I did a quick google search and decided on this chronologically organized daily Bible reading schedule. I simply hit print, then family  member family write their name on their list (customizing it however they want) and then instructed them to post in the an obvious place of their choosing. Also I have encouraged all the kids (myself, included) to start our day with this daily reading goal in mind. Translation: Sometimes, more often then I would like, ours days get derailed, sidetracked, or implode in a big hot mess so THIS IS DONE FIRST! In my mind, if everything else goes to pot, at least we have spent time in God’s word. Using this “it’s not optional when you do this” approach will hopefully makes us less of a hot mess.

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