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One of my favorite things about my day is starting my morning together with my kids. Since we homeschool we have the luxury of starting our day whenever we please.

Typically for us, this translates into me calling for everyone to come to where I am (living room, school room, dinning room, or the front porch) between 9 or 9:30am. We start with reading our daily reading so we can read through the Bible (chronologically) this year. You can read about more details here.

Next we move onto our current read aloud, right now we are reading,  Ok for Now by GarySchmidt.  I normally will read one chapter a day of whatever our current book happens to be.

After reading aloud, we move into various other things, and this changes frequently based on the pace we move through each area of learning.  In the past we have studied classical music, instrumentation, composers, Bible apologetics, continents, Latin, Spanish, artist, styles of art, etc.

The point of this time together, in my mind, is to expose my kids to areas of learning that may not normally gravitate toward. During these times together, sometimes one of my kids discovers they want to dive in and learn more about a certain subject, while others are happy to just absorb what we do during our morning time.

My kids are all older now, two in high-school, one in junior high, and one in upper elementary so our time together can be a half hour and sometimes is can be two hours. Most of the time we will start all together and then I will dismiss the high school men to go work on their independent work while I dive into science and history with the younger two together.

Morning time has been such a gift to me as I learn right along side my kids. Some days are a struggle with teen and pre-teen attitudes oozing out all over my kitchen table (you didn’t think that only happened with toddlers did you), but I do find that a once we get going and everyone settles I am always glad I made the effort to start our day off together.

Learning together has been such a benefit to our family and it can be for yours too, even if you don’t homeschool. Carve out a time once a week at a time that works for your family, and be intentional about making learning together fun and engaging. If you are clueless where to start in planning your morning time or set aside learning time I recommend this bundle. I have used it myself and highly recommend it!

Plus if you read anything else about me you know I am a type A gal……LOVE me some plans…..especially when someone else did all the leg work for me and now I just need to walk through the steps so it fits our family/school goals. You can do it…..go get your learning on!

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