Podcasts: Why You Need Them in Your Life

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Are you on the move more than you sit still? Do you travel for your job? Are you constantly in the car shuttling people hither and yon? Do you learn best by listening? Do you have a smart phone? Do you have a thirst for learning?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are a prime candidate for PODCAST LEARNING! I can’t even tell you how much my husband & I LOVE podcasts and the availability to so much knowledge.

If your new to the podcast world….start by downloading this little purple mic in the iTunes store (it’s free). Once you have downloaded this little gem, you can search thousands of podcasts by genres of interest. Follow these simple hints……..

Hint #1 Find a podcast your interested in. Then hit subscribe. This means each time a new “episode” is live it automatically appears in your feed to listen to.

Hint #2 I download episodes. This allows me to listen to each episode on the go, without using up my data. Your phone bill will thank you! I usually have 5-7 episodes loaded and waiting for me.

Hint #3 I set up my podcasts to delete after I listen to them so it doesn’t bog down my storage on my phone. You can easily do this under the setting tab for each podcast.

Hint #4 When I find a new podcast I like…….I start at the BEGINNING! It may have been released two years old, but the information is still great and relevant.

Hint #5 I listen to Podcasts instead of the radio in the car. If I am kid hauling, I use earbuds and the kids can still listen to the radio if they want.

Here are the Podcasts currently in my library for my learning pleasure

*Focus on the Family Broadcast      *The Briefing-Albert Mohler                          *The Dave Ramsey Show        *James McDonald      *Retire Inspired                     *The Homeschool Solutions Show with Pam Barnhill  *Read Aloud Revival         *The Dyslexia Quest   *The Homeschool Snapshots Podcast  *Your Morning Basket

 You did hear me say THIS IS ALL FREE right? Go load up your earbuds, and start learning while your on the go. These earbuds are amazing don’t hurt your ears, even if you wear them hours.  They don’t fall out while exercising/running. The silicone that goes into the ear is soft and pliable. Plus they are teal, which happens to be my favorite color!

I love the flexibility of podcasts and all the free learning they had provided over the years. THOUSANDS to pick from, hundreds of different topics and view points. I am a gal who always has a book in my purse, and podcasts (and an audiobook) loaded on my phone. You would really be shocked how quickly 10-15 minutes adds up. I am also pleasantly surprised how quickly I can knock off another title in my book pile.

Ohhhhhhh the book pile…….never ending…always growing…..now I can say that about my podcast library too!

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