Setting Goals That Become Reality

I sat down on January 1st like many others and wrote down my goals for 2018. This is actually something I have done for many years and it’s something my Type A personality gets WAY TO EXCITED ABOUT! The thought of a fresh new year with endless possibilities ahead makes act like a giddy school girl…heck just making a list of any kind makes me stupid crazy happy (can I get an Amen from my Type A personality sisters?). Since this isn’t my first rodeo with setting goals, I have learned several nuggets of truth. I’ll let you in on my little secret……….

When reflecting on last years goal list you made, you can think about what worked, what didn’t work, and consider why. Was the list unrealistic, did you fail to follow through, or was it just this thing called “life” that moved in and took over? Sometimes it can be a combo of all three, but usually for me it was one of the first two….for years I perfected the art of setting myself up for failure. I never did this intentionally, but when I look back at my approach to setting goals, that is exactly what I was accomplishing. It’s a good thing I am stubborn I guess….because I persisted despite my failures at this whole goal setting thing. Does this mean I now knock everything off my list in every area of my life where I set goals? Yeah right, I wish, but I do have simple process I go through to make my list. I hope you reap the benefits of making your goals reality this year using this approach as well.

First things first…KISS…..yep…KISS…the highly scientifically proven method……Keep It Simple Stupid! I say this with great affection…sometimes my perfectionist, type a, controlling personality makes things harder than they need to be. Ugly, annoying, eye-rolling….but true.

Step #1: Set Realistic Goals *these items need to specific and have a timeframe set.

Example: Do not just write down: loose weight     Instead write: Loose 5 pounds by the end of the month

Then go one step further and write down one to two things (NO MORE) you will do daily to hit this goal. Then whenever the time specific day comes (a reminder in your phone, on your calendar, or in you face somewhere) evaluate where you are and adjust your goal accordingly. Do this for all your goals after your list is made.

Step #2: Decide what areas of your life you want to set goals in.

I set goals in these main areas: Family, Personal/Spiritual, Health, Reading, Finance, Business & Marriage

***In August I made my overall Homeschool Goals list. I also interviewed each child and together we made a goal list for each of them to accomplish and/or master during the school year.

If this is your first time to make goals you may want limit yourself to 1-3 areas.

Step #3: Now that narrowed down the focus areas, list one or two (NO MORE) goals in each area.

Why only one or two goals, you may ask, I am a doer, I want FIVE goals in each area! Well, well, well, let me tell ya why little hot cheeks….YOU WILL SET YOURSELF UP TO FAIL! At first all those goals may make your little TYPE A personality all energized, excited, and chopping at the bit to conquer them all. After about a month in, your perfectionism side of that Type A will take over and you will start to feel overwhelmed, defeated, start beating yourself up for not “pulling yourself together and making it happen.” Been there done that, not going to advice you to go there….just learn from me and my craziness!

Step #4: Get an Accountability Partner. This may the best way to ensure success with you goals this year! Your spouse could be that person for areas like…marriage, finances, and family…..but even then I think having a BFF or two who is willing to speak hard truth to you when needed or encourage you to stop beating yourself up about life is even better. Make sure this is someone you talk to candidly with no walls up. (I also think it is a great excuse for monthly coffee dates away from the fam to evaluate how your doing from time to time.)

Step #5: Be Intentional! Rarely do amazing things in life happen by absolute accident. For example, have you ever heard anyone say “Wow, we paid the house in seven years instead of twenty, wonder how that happened so fast!” It just doesn’t happen people…or at least not as a general rule. Intentionality wins EVERY. SINGLE.TIME.

There ya go…5 steps…easy to do….Go Rock Your List!

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