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Yeah baby, it’s time for the 2018 Winter Games to begin in less than a week!!! I’m not sure about you, but here at our house the winter can tend to be a drag and full of the same thing day in and day out. I LOVE the Olympics, I love that we can watch way to much TV guilt free while soaking up this special event that only rolls around every FOUR years!

This year I realized it is MY LAST time to have all my kids at home with me during an Olympics Games. PERIOD.  Excuse me while I have missed feeling of sadness, grief, anxiety, missed with celebration, accomplishment, and gratitude for our time together….all at the same time. As you can guess, I wanted to spruce up what we did this year, and make it super fun and memorable for us all. This will give us a break from “normal” and just enjoy the season for what is it.

The first thing I decided we needed to kick off the celebration was this banner of 100 countries around the world. We will hand it all around the top of our living room and find the country flag that belongs to the athletes as they compete….Geography……check!

Next to help reinforce the whole sneaky geography learning idea, I snatched up Where in the World is Carmen San Diego …..anyone remember watching this on TV as kid like I do? We can play this while coverage of the games is not on the boob tube.

Since I have seen a couple live FB posts from You ARE an Artist like this one which made me run over and snag the Olympics games package. You can also buy this cheaper version here if your watching your budget. We didn’t have a chalk pastels…this will be all new to us. I purchased these, it is a 64 piece set, and it was actually cheaper than the smaller set, go figure. I have two kids who especially like art (which I am not gifted at) so I am thrilled to have someone lead ALL of us through how to be an artist for such a reasonable price. Class……CHECK!

Now I went to retrieve my copy of Give Your Child The World. This book is one you need on your shelf…little kids, elementary kids, high school, it doesn’t matter. GET THIS ONE….you will thank me. It’s breaks up the reading into continents, and then it also breaks it down even farther into ages of kids your reading to. I flipped to the section on Asia…and loaded all the recommend books for Korea in my library cart! In case the library isn’t an option for you, here, here, and here are what we are reading. You can score them all for under $20. These books all display culture, lifestyle/hardships, and/or history of Korea. My FAVORITE thing is that I can be 100% confident in these book selections, because the author of Give Your Child the World, Jamie Martin, has done all the work for me. Every single book recommendation from her book has been a fantastic read aloud no matter the age of my kids!  Culture….CHECK  Reading/Literature….CHECK!

Lastly to prep for the kick off of the 2018 Winter Games, I purchased this Unit Study. I am super pumped that not only is all the work done for me (Woot!), but she has broken the studies into an elementary unit and a jr/sr. high school unit all for one money! The unit us interactive with links to websites, videos, and so much fabulous material.

There you have my friend…transport you entire family to the Olympic Games for less than $100! Don’t think you need to be a homeschooler to get in on all this fun and sneaky learning! Do one chalk art project on a Saturday. Read from the books a little bit each night at supper time or bedtime.

Also…..DO NOT think you have to do ALL the things in order to enrich your child’s experience of the winter games. I have older kids, so we will do all the things, because that is the season I am in.  Do what you can, in the season your in, and cherish the memories your making with your kids.

For more ideas on homeschooling…printable freebies for the Olympics…visit my Homeschool Inspiration page on Pinterest! 

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