Does Technology Rule Your House?

In a technology driven world, it would be very easy to be more disconnected to our children than ever before. This makes me so sad and honestly worried for entire generations of young adults and kids who don’t know how life existed any other way.

Don’t get me wrong, I love technology and all those shiny gizmos too, but I think it is important that they don’t replace relationships. Especially those relationships of our close family and friends we hold so dear to us.

Have you ever looked around at a stop light? Have you looked at the cars beside you? Maybe you have observed everyone in the car on their phones…earbuds in… one is talking, or laughing, or talking about their days. Instead all of them are “connecting” with others on their technology, or zoning out completely to block them all out.

Are they really connecting? Lots of studies show people, young and old alike, are more lonely than ever before. Wait, I thought technology was connecting us all.

Maybe on occasion it is, but most of the time it is just us (or our kids) zoning out, playing the comparison game, only seeing people through the lens of social media. This makes us too busy to notice we are missing out on precious time with those right around us.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers, because I have been guilty of many of these things myself. I do try my best to keep myself aware of this potential pit fall and put safe guards in place to keep me from going off the tracks?

Here are a safe guards I use in my own house, maybe you will find them helpful as well.

  1. Don’t pick up your phone first thing in the morning. *If I don’t follow this rule, I am ALWAYS going to be running behind the rest of my day. I find my mind set is off and focused on the non-important things of life.
  2. When your kids start talking, PUT THE PHONE DOWN. Your kids know if your ignoring them….or perhaps nodding yes to whatever they are saying, but have no real clue what they are talking about. GUILTY….been there, done that.
  3. Put your phone on vibrate. When I am needing to be focused on a task or a person, I put my phone on silent. There is nothing more annoying than someone is constantly looking at their phone will your talking to them. Don’t be that person!
  4. Trying Fasting…..Set up certain tech-free hours. This is a great thing for the entire family to do as well. It keeps everyone from being “over-teched” (certainly this is areal word) and helps us all build healthy habits of not being so tech dependent. At our house, the kids have a no phone zone till 3pm each day….
  5. Limit daily screen time. There is SO MUCH RESEARCH showing that too much screen is damaging our kids! That’s not cool! I don’t know about you, but I am not going to let that happen on my watch. I may not be able to keep my kids from all the things in life that may be harmful, but THIS is not one them I can. Our kids need to be outside, engaging with other family members, taking care of pets, reading books, hiking, being creative in a zillion ways…..NOT ON A SCREEN for 10+ hours each week (and that’s mega conservative).

COME ON PARENTS!!! We have to stop being lazy and just letting this technology take over our homes. Stop letting everyone else be the voice speaking into your child’s life. That’s our job. I know this isn’t intentional neglect, but all the sudden it sneaks up on us. Guilty, been there, done that. INTENTIONALITY is the key.

We have to maintain the perspective that this is a fight worth fighting. Setting boundaries. Teaching Self-Control. Modeling self control. Teaching our kids that relationships are more important than those little devices attached to us 24/7.

I can even tell you how many times we have had to recalibrate, evaluate, and adjust the amount of our exposure to screens. It makes me crazy. It’s a constant thorn in my side as far as that goes. On the other hand, we have implemented so many great things into our school year and home life because of technology.

Like anything in life, moderation seems to be the key. Technology is good, too much technology or exposure to too much technology….Not good. I will tell you from experience, it has gotten harder to manage as my kids have gotten older. Harder but not impossible.

How has the use of technology taken over your home? Do you need to recalibrate how much screen time your kids are getting? Do you need to rebuild your relationship with your kids?

I have made a really fun and engaging “child interview” questionnaire for all of you! No matter the age of your kids or the level of relationship you have with them you can go through these questions. This “interview” will provide an insightful view of your child. I enjoy interviewing my kids at different ages and then going back to look at them years later.

Pop come popcorn, head to the local coffee shop, or take your child out to eat and ask them these questions. If your pressed for time in this season of life (or your teen is always on the go), you can even print off the interview and have them fill it out and give it back to you.

I promise you it will be a precious time of getting to know new things about your kiddo. It has always been time well spent in my opinion. Even more surprising to me, my kids even enjoy answering these types “interview questions”. Try it, what do you have to loose?

Click below and get your ABSOLUTELY FREE interview form!


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I am ready to discover new things about my child.

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