Why Pets Are A Must

In my opinion, every child NEEDS a pet. We have had many pets as a family over the years, and this cutie Bernese Mountain dog, Max, is the newest addition to our little farm. There is something deep in a child’s heart that happens when they solely put in charge of another living creature. Feeding, watering, grooming, training, and vet care, the whole shebang. It teaches them that the world doesn’t evolve around just them. It causes them to make hard choices sometimes for the betterment of that animal. It instills in them the need for compassion, unconditional love, and how to be a good steward of their time. At our place, some of our “pets” have been livestock.

I was a ten year 4-H member. My husband was a ten year 4-H member. My children are in 4-H. Are you catching the theme? My husband and I decided to raise our kids on a farm with animals galore, chores, hard work, hard choices, lots of work, shoveling poop, cutting wood, and teaching them how to work…ahem, and maybe more work. Our hope is that our kids will take many of these lifestyle skills of problem solving, determination, persistence, critical thinking, work ethic, kindness, generosity, helping out a neighbor in need, saving up and paying cash for things into their adults lives. My heart’s desire is that they would take all these lessons and apply them where ever life takes them in the future. I pray that they stand out in the job market, on college campus’, and make a positive difference in the world because of this little ole’ farm upbringing.

So on the days that this lifestyle seems to weigh heavy on us with its responsibilities, it’s demanding schedule and financial needs, we come back to this. It’s worth it…every minute….every dollar….every struggle….every awkward moment when you try to explain to people what you do in your spare time.

The farm life is a good life. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to raise our gang in this little corner of the world.

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